“Gadget Repair Online” are committed to protecting users’ privacy as their privacy is important to us. This privacy policy describes tools and services offered by “Gadget Repair Online,” including the access and use of data that users have rendered to the company.

Collection of Personal Identification Data

We at “Gadget Repair Online” know the value of users personal data or the importance of protecting the information of those who use our services or access our website. In this regard, we ensure of taking care of all the personal identification data of users who use our services or the website.

Below are some of the major information that “Gadget Repair Online” might collect from users who use our website/services:

  • We might collect your basic details like Name, Email address, telephone number, etc.
  • We might need your credit card and other payment information for payment processors.
  • Other personal information that we may collect includes sex, age, services liking, etc.

Apart from all these information, we may need/collect other personal data from users to fulfill their requirements.

Strictly restricted for users below 18 years

Users of “Gadget Repair Online” must be above the age of 18 years. However, they can access or use the company services under their parents/guardians supervision.


We may need to update or change this Privacy Policy of “Gadget Repair Online”. In this case, we will notify users about any material changes before they come into effect.

Note: Whosoever does not agree with “Gadget Repair Online” Privacy Policy or not convinced with our services, he/she can opt-out of using the services, product or access of “Gadget Repair Online”.